"BEHOLD ALMIGHTY DOCTRINE" is the third full length release from the South
Carolina U.S. Death Metal band
LECHEROUS NOCTURNE. These guys have been
churning out monstrous music since their start back in 1997. This album is the bands long
awaited follow up to their 2008 release "THE AGE OF MIRACLES HAS PASSED". These
guys play an in your face abusively brutal style of Death Metal music that infuses the heavy
raw aggressiveness of old school Death Metal with the raunchy and technical stylings of new
school Death Metal. The guitar work of Kreishloff & Ethan Lane is extremely tight and well
thought out. The two play off each other amazingly and sometimes reminded me of the
Death Metal version of the guys in
DRAGONFORCE. Chris' vocals are done in a mid
ranged Death growl style that is sometimes as spastic and speed driven as the music itself.
The music is very tight and extremely well written and one of the best Death Metal bands
out there today that combines the old with the new. This is sure to please older Death heads
as well as the new generation of fans. I have been a big fan of these guys for many years
now, (see the interview I did with guitarist Kreishloff back in 2007
HERE), and I am glad to
see these guys making another great release and starting to get the well deserved attention
they are getting.
LECHEROUS NOCTURNE has been and still is one of my most favorite
underground Death Metal bands out there. If your a Death Metal fan you must check these
guys out! Loved this album from start to finish! Highly recommended!