LEHMANN is a Progressive Metal band out of Italy. The band was started by Matteo
Lehmann back in 2012. Matteo is the bass player for the Italian Thrash Metal band
NEURASTHENIA. In LEHMANN he is the singer and plays leads. This new project of
his is a bit different from his main band. This band is a more Progressive Metal band with
some Power Metal and Thrash Metal elements scattered through out. The majority of the
Thrash Metal parts come through in the guitar arrangements and riffs. There are some
straight forward Traditional Heavy Metal influences as well. I can hear a lot of Power
Metal coming through, which is mostly in the style of the vocals, but it is in the music
itself as well. This is mostly do to the intricate and deeply structured songs. The vocals are
done in a mid ranged melodic Power Metal style with some higher pitched vocals mixed in.
The band has a very strong over all Progressive sound which comes in with the many
change ups in song directions. I loved these guys a lot, they reminded me of a Progressive
Metal version of one of my favorite bands
LORDI mixed with some IRON MAIDEN &
DREAM THEATER. If you dig any of these above bands, then your gonna love