"CONSUME" is the second release from the Tucson, Arizona based Metalcore / Thrash
LETHAL DOSAGE. These guys have been shredding up the scene since 2009 with
their twist on the Metal genre. The band meshes together a few different Metal styles to
come up with a heavy crushing sound. They take elements from Thrash Metal, Hardcore,
Death Metal & Groove Metal combine them together and create a sound all their own. I
wouldn't know what style to place them in, which in my eyes is a good thing. The guitar
work is where I hear most of the Thrash Metal coming into play. It is kind of crunchy at
times and at others is all out shredding Thrash riffs. The Hardcore comes into play mostly
in some of the arrangements with the Groove and beats having that chugging Hardcore
sing along feel and pounding drum beats. The Death Metal comes into play mostly in the
vocal style and the faster paced parts of the songs. There is a lot her for everyone into
extremely well played, well writing and well executed extreme music. I would have to say
they reminded me of parts of old school Death Metal greats
& ENTOMBED mixed with parts of old school SICK OF IT ALL &
with touches of classic SLAYER & TESTAMENT sprinkled with touches
PRO-PAIN & MERAUDER. This is one power house of a band that I hope we see a
lot more from in the future. One of my favorite releases of last year!