Finland's LIE IN RUINS is back with their newest offering "TOWARDS DIVINE
DEATH", which is the follow up to 2009's "SWALLOWED BY THE VOID". The band
has taken five years between releases and it shows. This time around
sound much more advanced and a more mature band in all aspects. These guys still have
their signature sound of brutal unrelenting Death Metal madness, but they also have a lot
more. The band has added in some more Progressive Death Metal sounds with some better
song structures and arrangements. The music is blasting raw aggression through and
through, but they do add in some change ups from time to time. The coldness and rawness
just blanket the bands whole sound to give it that really killer old school Death Metal vibe.
The vocals are done in a harsh and hallowed mid ranged Death Metal growl style. They do
add in some Black Metal elements in certain places too. These guys have so much
intensity that it actually drains the listener, but in a good way. The music takes you back
to the early days of Death Metal and all the great bands coming out of Europe at the time.
This is a must for fans of that era of Metal music and for fans of pure old school madness!