"GODCONSTRUCT" is the third release from the German Death Metal LIFELESS. Even
though they only have a few releases out most Death Metal fans should be familiar with
these guys. They have made a solid name for themselves in German and the rest of the
underground scene. These guys play extreme old school brutal Death Metal. They play in
the vein of a lot of the older German, French & Italian Death Metal bands of the mid 90's.
There is a really fast paced aggressive and some times spastic Death Metal sound. They tend
to lean almost towards an old school European Black Metal style, with out actually going
into the Black Metal genre. The music is done in an almost raw, D.I.Y. style that takes me
back to the late 80's & early 90's of tape trading. This is very cool in my eyes, cause that's
the type of Death Metal I grew up with. They also mix in some really cool arrangements at
times, that some what has a technical style, but it's not all clean and polished. If your a fan
of the old European Death Metal scene then your gonna love these guys, because they play
it better than most of the bands that were playing it back in the day!
LIFELESS is one band
that has a lot to offer with out all the clean, crisp studio tricks and gimmicks. Old school
Death Metal at it's finest!!!