LIMITS was formed in 2012 out of Wichita, Kansas and have been building a following
for themselves through the years. These guys play a more modern style of Metalcore
music that pulls in influences from a few other genres. They have a bunch of really
catchy rhythmic parts in their songs along with some heavy breakdowns. They also toss
in some stop and start parts and change ups. I love how the songs will be chugging along
one way and then make a quick left and head in another direction. Some of their heavier
parts are more on the Death Metal side and get really aggressive. At other times they
slow things down a little and then head more into a melodic Post Hardcore part. The
thick bass and heavy drumming really are the power house to this band, at least in my
opinion. The vocals follow the same path as the music. Sometimes they have melodic a
passionate Post Hardcore vocals, then some mid ranged aggressive screaming Hardcore
styled vocals, then they take things up a notch with some thick gritty Death Metal
growls. I've said this a lot in the past, that I am not a huge fan of the Post Hardcore scene,
but I do love when bands add some of those elements into the chaotic madness to break
things up a bit. Check these guys out, because they are not the typical Metalcore band
and they are really good!!!