Starring: Mimi Reichmeister, Sherri Rappaport, Zelda Rubinstein, Jack Nance, Eric Pierpont & more.

This movie is about a small group of girls who have a special secret, they are all witches. You have
the smart one, the bad one, the good one, the fat one & the innocent virgin one. There are This flick is
about a bunch of teenage girls all living at a private catholic school. It's your typical teen girl men
doing renovations on the church when a hidden tunnel below the church is discovered. Once night
falls the girls decide to go exploring in the tunnels. They discover some ancient religious ritual
rooms. They start messing with incantations & spells in books & demons from hell are summoned.
The girls start doing weird things, especially the bad girl. The only one not affected is the virgin girl.
The church finds out & is forced to cast the demons back to hell. The acting is bad & so was the
story & special effects. The one girl is decent to look at & you get to see a young Clea Duvall
GHOST OF MARS, CARNIVALE) in one of her first roles!