"DEATH MASK" is the third full length release from Chicago's LORD MANTIS.
plays some of the thickest and dredging Doom / Sludge Metal you will
ever hear. They have some very low ended bottom dragging riffs that have very long and
drawn out build ups, but they suck you in and you wait. There is also some Noise
elements all through out, but mostly coming out in the feedback like guitar sounds. They
then take their sound and drench it in Black Metal type influences that remind me of a lot
of the bands coming out of Italy, France & Greece in the mid '90's. These guys lay it on
thick and push you deep down and drag you across the bottom. The vocals are done in a
mid ranged harsh and throaty Black Metal type growl and scream. I'm not usually a big
fan of this style of music, or I should say that I'm really picky when it comes to this type
of genre, but I do know that
LORD MANTIS is one of the best at it and would be a
crushing band to see live. I don't think most of the audience would be the same after it.
Hopefully I will get that opportunity to see them live. For now though, I will just enjoy
the horrid and Sludge filled sounds of "DEATH MASK".