Self Released

LOUDRAGE is a crushing Death Metal band hailing from Romania. LOUDRAGE started
back in 2006 and has put out one quality release after another. They play a very cool old
school style of Death Metal with a lot of groove laced through out. The music tends to
remind me of the early days of Death Metal when Thrash was melting into Death Metal.
There are those killer grooved out Thrash parts, but done much heavier in the Death Metal
style. The guitar work of visceral is where I hear most of the Thrash Metal influences
coming in, but it's just in some of the arrangements. The rest of the bands sound is straight
forward Death Metal and has a bit of that Swedish meets Floridian Death Metal from back
in the early '90's. I can hear some of that low ended brutal Death Metal sound from the
Florida scene mixed with the groove and stylistic sound of the Swedish scene. Theses guys
have merged two of the best styles of the Death Metal genre together and done it better
than most of the bigger name bands from those styles. The vocals are done in a mid ranged
thick Death growl with some more throaty and harsher Death growls. I could see these
guys becoming bigger and more well know if they are giving the right exposure. They
could hold their own against some of the greats like
. The only down fall to this release is it was not enough tracks for me, I wanted
more and more!
LOUDRAGE is a killer band that deserves much, much more attention
then they are getting! I find it hard to believe that they haven't been signed yet!