Self Released

"ABOMINATIONS" is the fourth release from Australia's LUCIFER'S LEGION.
is a one man Black Metal project from the mad mind of Brad
Dillon. Brad intended to create a band, but after much time and no one with the same ideas
as him, took on the whole thing himself. He does the guitar and vocal work himself and
creating the rest of the band on his Guitar Pro Midi program. He has created a Symphonic
Black Metal project. The music has a blend of old school and new school Black Metal
sounds. There is a really dark and cold kind of grim old school Black Metal vibe combined
with some more modern and intricate new school Black Metal. The more modern Black
Metal comes in some of the songs structures and changes. The addition of atmospheric
passages adds to the over all coldness and creepiness of the music. I have been following
Brad, and distributing his releases from the beginning and would have to say
"ABOMINATIONS" is so far more advanced in every aspect than all his previous
releases. Old school Black Metal fans, especially fans of old European Black Metal, will
love this band!   

(Available through BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS)