"SUN EATER" is the second full length release from London, England's LVCIFYRE.
These guys have been creating their dark blend of Death / Black Metal music since 2007.
The bands foundation lays mostly in the Black Metal genre, but the Death Metal elements
are very present through out. The band also has a kind of slower more Doom / Sludge
Metal vibe in a lot of their songs, while others are harsh hard hitting and cold Black Metal.
The music tends to have an old school European Black metal sound that was very dominate
in the scene back in the early '90's. The music tends to have a very cold war like  and
blasphemous feel to it that really does take you back to the early days of Black Metal
music. The harsh vocals of T. Kaos helps give them that cold grim feel as well. This is the
type of Black Metal I grew up listening to, so I will almost always favor this style over the
newer Black Metal styles. I kept getting the feel of early
& SATYRICON the more and
more I kept listening. I'm not saying they are ripping these bands off, but they definitely
could stand tall next to any of these great bands.
LVCIFYRE came out swinging right from
their first EP "DYING LIGHT OV GOD" then their first full length "THE CALLING
DEPTHS" and "SUN EATER" has just added to their already amazing discography. These
guys top themselves with each new offering, so I can't wait to see what these guys deliver
us next. If you are a fan of any of the great bands listed above and early European Black
Metal in general then you need to add
LVCIFYRE to your music collection. These guys
are simply amazing!