LUNARSEA started out back in 2003 under their original name of HALLOWEARTH.
Once they started work on their first demo they decided on the name of
These guys hail from Italy and play Death metal music, but this is not the typical Death
Metal music style. They inject many elements of Progressive Metal as well as some Thrash
Metal and even some Power Metal into their sound. I guess the best way to put it would be
Modern Melodic Death Metal music. Their sound is definitely a European style,because
most American Death Metal is known for being brutal and fast. Their sound is very heavily
structured with lots of depth, unusual arrangements and lots of intricate passages. The
music will go from a straight forward aggressive Death Metal style into some twisting
Thrash Metal and then slow down for some Progressive parts. The way they move from
style to style is flawless and you never see it coming. Their music is very unpredictable in
which direction it's going to head. I liked this a lot, cause just as I'm starting to feel it out
and get pulled a long, they say nope, were going this direction now. The guitar work was
outstanding and both Emiliano Pacioni & Fabiano Romagnoli sound like they were born
with guitars in their hands. The keyboards add a whole new dimension to their sound as
well. It brings in this atmospheric kind of astrological vibe to their sound. The vocals also
give these guys a unique sound, cause they will go from low ended Death growls to mid
ranged Death growls mix in some mid ranged Thrash Metal vocals and then out come the
melodic Power Metal styled vocals. Sometimes one style will be used, but I liked when
they would mix two or even all three of the vocal styles together at the same time. No one
can do this band enough justice, by just writing about them. You need to experience these
guys first hand to fully understand and appreciate the amazing music they have created!