Wow! I was blown away by LYRIEL right from the start. This band hails from Germany
and play Folk Metal music, but there is a hell of a lot more present here. They add in a lot
of elements of Epic Power Metal, Classical, Celtic & Traditional Heavy Metal music as
well. The music sometimes will lean more towards one style, but most of the time they
blend all these styles together flawlessly. This is one truly amazing and talented band. The
music will go from an all out worldly Celtic tune into a fast paced aggressive Metal song
and then into a heavy rocking Folk metal song. The balance of the heavy aggressive side
mixed with the lighter more upbeat Folk and Celtic elements is perfect. They round their
sound out with the beautiful vocal stylings of Jessica Theirjung. The addition of
keyboards, cello and violins, just adds to the Epic powerful sound they have created. This
was my first offering of hearing
LYRIEL and I have found one of my newest favorite
bands. This is one of the most talented and all around great bands I have heard in a very
long time. This is extremely epic and I must now seek out their past catalog because one
album of theirs is not enough. I can not praise this band enough and encourage everyone to
pick up a"LEVERAGE".