Self Released

Their are several bands by the name MANDATORY, but what sets this four piece Death
Metal band from Austria apart is the raw aggression and technical skill the band brings.
The band started back in 2002 as a cover band by founding members Manuel " Mani "
Rohrauer and Leo Wolfmayr. They recruited their friend Chris Homann which  is their
friend from school to play bass, and Mike Pfaffenhuerner as the drummer. Before playing
their first gig, co-founder Leo Wolfmayr injured his hand and was unable to play guitar, so
he was forced to quit the band. After Leo quit in 2002, the band went inactive until he
came back in 2005. Band mate Chris Homann who played bass to start out with, moved
to guitar to replace Leo after he left . After a year, he recovered from his injury and
rejoined the band as the bass player in the summer of 2005. With an EP in 2007 and the
bands debut full length album "CARBON BLACK" in 2009. The lead vocals where
handled by Mike Schedelberger for the first two releases,  after only just two years in the
band, he was out and Markus Hundsberger was in as the new front man. The band
released a EP in 2012 and the latest effort "CATHARSIS" their second full length album
in 2014. This album is for anyone who are big fans of Death Metal. I truly believe this
band is extremely underrated and as good as any popular extreme Metal band around.
This nine track masterpiece is insane! The way the album was made  it almost seems like
they where telling a story. They don't do the typical double bass \ snare, there clean in
their technique through out the album. With the guttural vocals and brilliantly skilled
guitar playing they maintain the Death Metal sound along with a little Heavy Metal and
Thrash mixed in. I even like the album cover! Tell me what you see? In the veins of

                                                                                           - Reviewed by Kevin Cressman