MANDRAGORA is a melodic Death Metal band that hails from Lithuania. These guys
have been around since 1998 and have been going strong ever since, establishing a strong
following in the underground scene. "CARNAL CAGE" is the bands second full length
release and takes the band in a slightly different direction. They played more of a
Thrashcore style on their previous release "AT THE END". This time around they have
more of Death Metal feel, but the Thrash Metal elements are still very present through
out. This comes in a lot of the guitar work that have very strong Thrash Metal riffs. The
vocals are done in a mid ranged Death Metal growl style with some melodic Death vocals
mixed within. These guys can continue to build on their popularity if they keep putting
out quality release like this one. This is one that new school and old school Death Metal
fans will highly enjoy! Another great band playing killer Death metal from Italy!