Polish Death Metal greats MASACHIST  have unleashed their second full length release
in the name of "SCORNED". These guys have been around since 2005 and have released,
unfortunately only to massive releases so far. The band has taken a slightly different
approach this time around. They have maintained their brutal Death Metal core, but they
have added in some slightly more technical sounding Death Metal styles. The music is very
tight, intricate and layered, but still has that strong old school vibe. The band has some slight
elements of Black Metal present as well. This comes from the fullness of the bands sound &
some of the guitar arrangements. There is a gritty rawness to the music too, which is nice,
cause it reminds me of the way a lot of bands sounded in the early days of Death Metal,
when it was first being established. It doesn't surprise me though because this band is filled
with some heavy weights in the underground Metal scene. The band features current and
ex-members of
and some others. If just the mentioned of the above bands isn't enough to
make you get this album, anything I say won't do it. Crushing, killer old school Death Metal
at it's finest!!!