MASSIVE ASSAULT emerged in 2001 out of The Netherlands. These guys play Death
Metal music but it is not straight forward Death Metal. They build their foundation on
Death Metal mixing influences of British, Swedish & 90's Florida Death Metal sounds
together. From hear they have added in some Thrash Metal mixed with Grindcore mostly
appearing in the guitar work. They have also added touches of downbeat Crustcore which
is mostly present in the drums as well as the guitar sound at times. Harsh mid ranged
Death growls round out the bands sound thanks to vocalist Carl-Christian.
is a great Death Metal band that has been spewing out their brand of chaos for
many years now and should be placed on a much higher level than they are now. A must
for all old and new school Death Metal fans, but fans of Crust, Grindcore & Hardcore
should check them out too, because they deserve more attention and I'm sure the majority
of these fans will dig them.