The legendary Death Metal greats MASTER are back with their eleventh release and first
PULVERISED RECORDS. These guys came into existence back in 1983 and have
left their mark on the Death Metal scene ever since. Anyone who is into Death Metal
should know & respect this band. These guys play old school Death Metal music that has a
bit of a Midwest meets Florida of the late 80's and early 90's sound. They do tend to melt in
some Thrash Metal elements into their sound as well. This mostly is present in the grooved
out guitar work. There are riffs galore all through out this new release. There is something
fresh about this new album as well. Not that they have gone in a different direction, but that
they have a style and sound that can't be mistaken for anyone else but
MASTER. They a
great change from a lot of these new bands that are all starting to sound a like and you can't
tell one band from another. These guys have chosen the perfect name for themselves,
because after one listen to "THE NEW ELITE" you can hear why they are one of the
"masters" of the Death Metal scene! Long Live