Well, what can I really say about the great MASTER that hasn't been said before. I have
been a fan of these guys since the early '90's and I'm glad to see they are still around and
crushing it better than ever.
MASTER started back in the early '80's out of Chicago,
Illinois. They recorded a ton of demos which never got released and the band members went
their separate ways. Main man and founder Paul Speckmann created a new band named
DEATH STRIKE after their now legendary "FUCKIN' DEATH" demo came out the band
soon changed their name to
MASTER. After a few more classic MASTER releases Paul
resurrected his band
ABOMINATION and then joined the great Czech Republic band
KRABATHOR, which he then relocated to Czech republic for. This is where MASTER is
now located. After all that being said it's no surprise why Paul is a huge part of the Death
Metal scene and also a huge influence on many bands and musicians that followed.
MASTER plays a killer old school style of Death Metal music that is heavily laced with
Thrash Metal all through out. "THE WITCHHUNT" is the band at their finest buy pulling
in elements of their earlier work and inner mixing it with later material to give you one of
the best releases in the history of
MASTER! When Paul created MASTER he picked the
right name, because these guys are definitely one of the masters of the Death Metal genre. I
could never give enough justice to how much of and influence Paul and
been on Metal in general. One of the greatest bands ever and one of the best and most
inspiring musicians in the scene. Check out all his other bands too especially
KRABATHOR, which has always been one of my favorite underground bands and they  
have recently reformed. And, I just read online that
DEATH STRIKE has also reformed!
Paul Speckmann is Metal pure and simple!