Formed in 2004, Tasmania, Australia's MEPHISTOPHELES have released their second
full length album entitled "SOUNDS OF THE END". These guys play a combined style
that mixes elements of Death Metal and Black Metal music. They have a bit of a technical
sound to their music that kind of bends the two styles together. The music is very dark
and gritty sounding, but also technical and some what experimental at times with a bit of
Drone mixed in. The darker more drawn out parts is where you can hear the experimental
and Drone elements popping up. While in the grittier and faster parts is where the Death
Metal takes over. In the darker and harsher parts is where you can hear the Black Metal
influences surfacing. They have a very old school European vibe to their music. It reminds
me of a lot of the Black Metal bands from the early '90's coming out of France, Germany,
Italy & Greece. There is a lot of weird experimentation and odd song structures and change
ups that go on through out a lot of their songs. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death
Metal growl with some mid ranged Black Metal growls mixed in. These guys may not be
for the average Black Metal and Death Metal fan, but the true underground die hards will
love these guys! The band features former members of