Self Released

"SYSTEM SUBVERSION" is a blistering ten cuts of this odd Metal style from the Italian
Metal band
METHEDRAS that formed in 1996 . They have an 80s feel and a FEAR
blend of music, but the bass and drums are like cannons blowing my stereo
apart…With the brutal vocals to add the hint of Thrash Metal and might I add, very tight
sounding and precise attack on the playing structure. Lots of good song writing, massive
time change, creative duel axe shredding – on top of the Chuck Billy 2000 era. The music is
heavy through out the whole CD. Reflecting back – top notch production. Kudos to the
guitars, they just rip!!! Nice guitar chord progression and odd style sounding chord playing
make it very interesting. Maybe they grew up hearing the 70s Prog band
GOBLIN?? Haha,
no cookie cutter Metal here! Master works – as what a heavy band should sound like. Hard
work pays off here. Some of their last CDs available titles are "COST OF LIFE" Demo
(1999), "RECURSIVE" full length (2004), "THE WORST WITHIN" full length (2006),
"KATARSIS" full length (2009) & "SYSTEM SUBVERSION" full length (2014). I might
have to look them up and get the whole catalog.
METHEDRAS are a great band.

                                                           - Reviewed by Rody Heybaker - Metal Enthusiast