Starring: Val Kilmer, Kathryn Morris, Christian Slater, L.L. Cool J, Johnny Lee Miller & more.

An island is set up as a small town where a murder has happened & it is their job to profile the
murdered & find him. This is supposed to be a simulation assignment, but when their leader is
killed right before their eyes things get intense & everyone becomes a suspect. The team tries to
work together, but as every new A squad of FBI agents are sent to a remote island for survival
training, by the head of the  division. The person dies they keep turning on each other. The plot
keeps taking all these turns & keeps throwing you off, every time you think you know who it is.
There was a lot of good action & suspense in this film, plus it was a psychological thriller, which I
liked a lot. This movie didn't do too well in theaters, but will probably do good on DVD!