Self Released

"DOWNFALL THEATRE" is the first release from the Luxembourg based Metal band
MINDPATROL. These guys are very interesting because they don't stick to one genre of
music depending on the song. The concept for the "DOWNFALL THEATRE" album is
that it's about a man who falls in love with a woman, marries her and becomes a father.
After years of having a wonderful life, they break up and thus begins the downfall of his
life. Each song takes on a slightly different style of Metal depending on what the song is
about. Some of the songs have a Power Metal feel to them like in their song "To Heaven
Again", while "My Final Sin" has more of a Black Metal vibe happening. The majority of
their songs have a nasty, gritty Thrash Metal style to them, this mostly comes out in the
guitar work. They also throw in a lot of Progressive Metal arrangements in each song,
which really helps advance this bands sound. The way these tracks have a life of their
own, with different arrangements and sounds are all held together with a similar sound that
lets you know it is all still
MINDPATROL. I really liked the breakdowns, change ups and
tempo changes they mix within their songs a lot. The vocals of Luc Francois are done in a
mid ranged harsh Thrash Metal style which you can understand with the occasional lower
ended Death Metal growl vocal inter mixed. These guys have really unleashed an
incredible debut album, which is going to be hard to top, but I can't wait to see them do it!
MINDPATROL is definitely a band to keep watching!!!