MISERABLE FAILURE is a spastic and obnoxious Grindcore band out of France.
"HOPE" is the bands newest EP release and it's only four songs that are just under four
minutes total. These guys play raw stripped down spastic old school Grindcore music
that sounds angry, insane and highly pissed off. The music is super fast and noisy
Grindcore that after one listen you would think they came from some third world country,
but not France. There is some really short songs and they spew forth the sickness in such
a little time. It almost reminds me of a lot of the old school underground noisy Hardcore
bands I would listen to back in the mid '80's. The vocals, just like the music are done in a
spastic screaming aggressive style that leans more towards a Hardcore type scream rather
than a Death Metal type growl.
MISERABLE FAILURE may not be a band for
everyone, but if you love Grindcore music, then they are the exact band your looking for.
The only downfall to this release is that it was too short. I wanted the craziness to