"HEAVY MENTAL" is the second full length release from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's
MISTRESS. On this new album they continue with their Traditional Heavy Metal meets
NWOBHM sound. The only difference I can tell on this album is that they have gotten a
little heavier and faster, playing a more Speed Metal type style of music. The music also
sounds more advanced, progressive and much better written. The songs just seem much
better constructed and arranged than the previous album "BRAINS AND BRUISES". It's
not to take anything away from that album, this album is just more of a thought out album
all around. I still love the vocal style of Deanna Gardas who still sounds like a cross breed
GIRLSCHOOL, HEART, DORO & Wendy O Williams. I love the over all attitude
and aggressiveness in her vocals, where she comes off pissed off at times and at others
kind of angelic like.
MISTRESS is one of the better Metal bands I have heard come out of
the Philadelphia area in a while. This is why I wish I could have seen them live when I was
still living in Philly.
MISTRESS seems like they would be a great band in a live setting,
so if you can catch them live do so, but if not at least pick up these two great albums they
have out so far. If they keep releasing quality albums like this they are sure to get signed
and if not, there is definitely something wrong with the music scene!!! Everybody wants a