KAOTOXIN RECORDS has unleashed this killer compilation release that contains some
great Grindcore bands. It is more of a six way split release, than a compilation though. The
first three tracks belong to
TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION out of Philadelphia that
infuse some Metal and Jazz influences into their Grindcore style. The next seven short
tracks come from
DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION from France that melt together
Mathcore and Grindcore.
C.O.A.G. has four tracks and plays Grindcore influenced by
Black Metal.
MISERABLE FAILURE appear with five scorn, hatred Crust inject
UNSU have only two tracks of pure Death Metal / Grindcore mixed. And lastly
with the final two tracks is
INFECTED SOCIETY from France who melt together Metal
and Hardcore into their Grindcore sound. This is an awesome compilation for fans of
Grindcore who don't mind some flavoring into their music. After listening to this release
your going to want to seek out releases from all these bands! Check it out and Grind on!