"PROMO 2011"
Self Released

MONSTRUM is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band hailing from Poland that has been
creating music since 1994. These guys have a unique sound that helps them stand out from
a lot of the bands playing in this genre. This three song promo is a taste of what they have
to offer on their next full length album release. The music is very tight, clean and well
constructed. They have a bit of a mix of late 70's Hard Rock with early 80's Heavy Metal.
The music has a very technical feel that reminds me of a lot of the German Metal bands
that were coming out in the early 80's. There is also a fun almost playful vibe to their
music, like a lot of the bands that usually play the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally shows every
year. The other thing that makes these guys stand out is that they sing in their native
tongue. Even though I couldn't understand the lyrics I still found myself Rockin' out to
this. Give these guys a listen and start Rockin'!!!