MOSS OF MOONLIGHT is a two piece Black / Folk Metal band out of Bellingham,
Washington. I was blown away after one listen of this disc. I have become a huge fan of
Black / Folk Metal over the past ten plus years and seek out as many bands playing this
style as I can.
MOSS OF MOONLIGHT found me and I am very pleased about this. This
two piece consists of Jenn Grunigan playing drums, percussion (including djembe, tablas,
gong, tambourine), all female vocals & Cavan Wagner doing male growls & clean vocals,
guitars, bass, mouth harp, programing and more. The sound these two produce is
unbelievable. The music has an even balanced foundation of Black & Folk Metal music.
They do add some slight touches of world music in their sound at times. Their music centers
on Cascadia, a concept where in the Pacific Northwest bioregion becomes it's own
independent autonomous country. I have heard a lot of really good Folk Metal over the
years and most of it comes from Europe, Russia and the Scandinavian countries, but
would have to be the best Folk Metal band I have ever heard come out
of the United States. This is one amazing band that every Folk & Black metal band should
seek out and support. Jenn & Cavan are two truly talented musicians and deserve much