"WINTERWHEEL" is the second offering from blackened Folk Metal band MOSS OF
is a two person band that consists of Jenn
Grunigen & Cavan Wagner. The duo takes traditional Folk Metal and gives it a new life.
Their music is a bit different this time around from their first release "SEED". They have
added more elements of Black Metal into their sound as well as taking the Folk Metal
elements in a new direction. The album's concept is to embrace the turning of the seasons
and necessary vicious loop of birth and death. Each song delves into the nature of a
different Anglo Saxon God or Goddess. They have a very strong European Black Metal /
Folk Metal feel, which is hard to believe they are from the United States. The vibe is very
old world feeling. There is a very cool blend of the lower ended Black Metal male vocals
with the angelic and Folk female vocals. They add in some non traditional instruments like
djembe, tablas, gong, tambourine, mouth harp and more. Their music has so many different
layers and take you down so many different paths, you feel like you are on a journey with
them discovering new lands. I felt like I was at a Heavy Metal Renaissance Faire. I would
love to see these guys on the annual Pagan Fest some day. I'm sure they would fit in
perfectly and blow people away each night. One of my newest favorite Folk Metal bands
out there. They have done well with this offering to the Gods and I'm certain that the Gods
would be pleased! Some of the most original, well played Folk Metal in the scene today!