(August 2011)
(? track CD / DVD) SPOTLIGHT
This release was put out by Paul from HALF CREEPER / SPOTLIGHT and is not an official
release. This is something Paul put together himself for fans of Charles Manson. It is a huge
collection of many things. There are photos of Charlie & the Manson Family, Interviews, Videos &
Songs. There is even some audio books and phone calls. This is one of the biggest collection of
Manson stuff all in one place. Everyone already knows all about Charlie and his little adventures, so
I'm not going to get into it, but if your a fan of anything related to Charles Manson and his family
then you'll want to get a copy of this. Just get in touch with Paul and make a small donation to
cover the cost of the disc, case and printing the covers and he will gladly send you a copy!
(11 track CD) SG RECORDS
This is the debut full length release from this Italian Metal outfit. These guys have been around in
some form or another since 2004. The band plays traditional Heavy metal music with touches of
Power, Progressive and Thrash Metal all mixed within. They have a bit of an old school flare to
their sound which brings me back to the 80's a lot. The music has a lot of melody and catchy riffs
with some Thrash Metal grooves and hooks. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Power Metal
clean vocal style. These guys are a great band and I can't believe it took this long for someone to
sign them. This is a must for fans of
. If that's not a good combo, I don't know what is!
(4 track CD) Self Released
DOKTRYN hails from Paris France and plays a very cool combination of Electro / Dark Wave /
Metal music. The music has a very cold mechanical sound to it with a lot of Industrial influences.
You can hear a lot of dark ambient and harsh mixes all through out. They also have a bit of raw,
dirty and crusty vibes that blanket the music. The vocals are done in a mid to higher harsh
Industrial Metal style. These guys are really cool and a good change from most of the stuff I get. If
you were to mix together
together than you'd get a close idea of what these guys have to offer. I could see these
guys crushing it in a lot of underground clubs through out Europe! Highly recommended! Play
often and loud!
FEANOR are a very good, talented and amazing Epic Power Metal band from Argentina. These
guys have been around for a few years now and just keep getting better with each new release. The
band plays in a Traditional Heavy Metal style with many Power Metal elements dominating their
sound.  The music itself is very technical & progressive sounding with lots of twists and layers all
through out. It is done with a bit of Speed Metal groove as well. The vocals is where the Power
Metal influences really shine through. Strong, clean melodic vocals are what round out the bands
sound. If you haven't heard this great band yet then pick up this release and work your way back
through their catalog! All songs are done in their native language!
(6 track CD) Self Released
FURYU is an Italian Metal / Rock band that has been around since 2000. Just like many bands,
numerous music and band members changes as forced the band to just now release their debut CD
release. The band is very hard to stick in one genre style, but they definitely fit in the Metal
category. These guys are very open minded and play experimental & progressive music. The music
is very well constructed and laid out, but kind of goes all over the place at times. This is a good
thing, cause they do it right and with such ease and helps keep their music very fresh. There is a lot
of Jazz Fusion influences through out their music as well. This is a highly talented band and I could
see a lot of people getting into them, but only if they are open minded individuals.
(8 track CD) SG RECORDS
Formed in 2008, Italian Progressive Metal band LOREWEAVER releases their debut album
"IMPERVIAE AUDITIONES". These guys have more of a Classic Metal Progressive style that
reminds me of a lot of the bands from the 70's & 80's playing this style. You can hear many
elements of Power Metal & Traditional Heavy Metal all present through out the album. There is a
really tight well constructed sound that takes you on a lot of turns with lots of change ups in each
song. The music is extremely well written and would surely please any fan of this style. The vocals
add in another good variety in the form of female vocalist Barbara Rubin. Combining old with the
new this band will draw in many fans of all forms of Progressive Metal!
(9 track CD) Self Released
PLUTONIUM was born back in 2003 as a full band, but many years later & many problems later
it has turned into a one man project. This project from Sweden is the mind child of J. Carlsson.
The music was written and finished and was supposed to be released in 2009, but troubles delayed
the release. It has finally seen the light of day and consume it all.
PLUTONIUM is a dark
Industrialized Black Metal project. There is harsh coldness pouring from this album. I really dig
this new stuff a lot more than past releases. There is a little more variety on this album and some
of the Industrial stuff is pushed more to the front than being drowned out by the Black Metal
chaos. The vocals are cold harsh groggy Black Metal vocals with some Industrial ones mixed in I
wasn't expecting to like this disc as much as I have. I love it and blast it loud and often!!!
(7 track CD) SG RECORDS
This young Thrash Metal band out of Italy has released their debut CD "APOCALYPTIC" on SG
. These guys have been around since 2007, but sound like they have been playing
together for much longer. The music is reminiscent of classic Thrash Metal from the 80's, but with
a more modern flare. There are killer straight up Thrash Metal Mosh grooves through out a lot of
the tracks. I could see a whole crowd just going nuts and pits breaking out everywhere with huge
circle pits. The vocals are done mostly in Italian, but that doesn't matter to me when the music is
this good. The band that keeps coming to mind the most is the great
TESTAMENT. Every fan of
TESTAMENT definitely wants to pick this CD up! Support this young bands so we can get more
amazing release like this one from them in the future! Thrash on!!!
(9 track CD) Self Released
Being part of the Italian Black Metal scene for over 10 years, you would expect a band to be
playing at a certain level. Well,
STIGMHATE is playing well above many bands from that area and
the underground Black Metal scene in general. These guys have an old school Black Metal sound
that is harsh, aggressive, cold and blasphemous. They melt that together with some new school
arrangements for one of the best blends of Black Metal I have heard in a long time. The music is
ultra fast and relentless. The vocals are mid ranged hallowed Black Metal growls with higher
pitched Black Metal screams and screeches. If you were to check out one new Black Metal band,
make sure it's
STIGMHATE, because they are one of the best at their craft! Don't over look this!!!
(7 track CD) Self Released
Y.O.C. is based out of Turkey and is a one man project that consists of Yolin Ongun Cosgun. He
does all the writing, arrangements, lyrics, instruments and so on. On this album though it is all cover
songs of some of the greats in the Metal world. The majority of the music is done in a Thrash Metal
style, but Traditional Heavy Metal & Power Metal are also mixed in. The covers include tracks
from the following bands
& SWORD OF DAMOCLES. The music is all done
extremely well and he can play & sing all the styles covered here. This is a cool release, but check
out some of his original stuff as well.