MY HEAVY MEMORY hails from the California, Bay Area and play a mixture of Hard
Rock & Heavy Metal music. These guys wanted to take things back to the old school and
play pure Rock / Metal music. With one listen to this self titled release you can tell they
have achieved that. The music is done in a '70's Rock style mixed with some '80's classic
Heavy Metal sounds. They do add in some touches of Modern Metal at times, but they are
slight touches. They remind me of a lot of the bar bands I would go see in the '80's and '90's,
but with a little bit of a Southern Metal feel. The music has a lot of rockin' groove to it and
is a bit dirty sounding at times. This is where that Southern Metal or a bit of the Sludge
Metal comes into play. I liked the faster more aggressive parts more than the slower more
melodic parts. If you were to blend in some elements of
DISARRAY, but done in more of a Hard Rock style and then add in some touches of early
ALICE IN CHAINS with KISS and AEROSMITH you would come up with what MY
is doing. It seems like an odd mixture, but it works. Check out these
guys that are taking Hard Rock & Heavy Metal back to it's roots!