MY RANSOMED SOUL is a Christian Metalcore band hailing from Baltimore, Maryland.
These guys started out back in 2007 and have done a lot of touring & put out a bunch of
D.I.Y. releases. "FALSEHOODS" is the bands first full length album for
. They play a very cool Metalcore style that false almost on the border of
Deathcore at times. I am a die hard old school Metal / Hardcore / Punk fan and do like a lot
of the newer stuff, but Metalcore & Deathcore are probably the two best newer forms of
extreme music.
MY RANSOMED SOUL  are one of the best bands out there doing this
style. They blend in fierce aggression with some technical Metal precision & grooved out
pissed off Hardcore. I like the thick thunderous beats and the pounding drums. There are
some songs that almost reminded me of straight up Hardcore. The technical guitar sound is
where I feel a lot of the Metal influences come into play. The vocals done by Brendan Frey
are a mid ranged Metal / Hardcore crossover style with growls and screams. I never could
understand how Christian bands could play this style of music while screaming and yelling
their beliefs like monster and out of anger, but I really don't care. I have my own beliefs and
don't believe everything said in a lot of my favorite Death Metal bands. All I care is if I like
the music, if it's good music, it's good music! That's the way I look at it. All those people
who don't listen to a band because they are a Christian band, they are missing out on a lot of
great music.
MY RANSOMED SOUL is one of the best of them out there, so if your gonna
start, this is the place to be!