Formed in 2007 out of California, NAILS has unleashed their second full through
SOUTHERN LORD. These guys have been tearing shit up for a while and are relentless on
every song. They base their foundation on Hardcore music, but there is more in there than
you can really hear. They have some spastic in your face Grindcore influences along with
some Experimental Noise, some Power Violence & some Crustcore as well. These guys like
the noise and they bring it as crazy and loud as they can. The music has a groove hidden
under all the chaos, that is where most of the Hardcore comes in. Once you sift through the
madness you can pick apart the other elements. The faster more aggressive parts is where the
Grindcore is, then in the really loud and angry yelling parts is where the Power Violence is
found. You had in some weird almost messy arrangements and you get the Experimental and
Noise stuff. The vocals just enhance the craziness of this bands sound. They go from low
ended almost Death Metal growls, into mid ranged Hardcore chants and screams then into
spastic Grindcore / Noisecore yelling. This isn't for everyone, but they do have a die hard
loyal following. After one listen to this album and once I got my head straight again, I am
now one of those followers. Intense chaotic music that will drive everyone to go nuts, or piss
them off to make them angry! Either way, you got to love what they are doing!