Self Released

NATHAN FROST is a highly talented musician. Honing his skills on the bass and
keyboards since he was a young child. He scores video games as a living and for thirteen
years now he has been writing and composing "SYNECRON" his debut release. The band
features some of the best musicians in the Progressive Metal world. The band consists of
Nathan Frost (keyboards & bass), Taka Minamino (guitar) & Marco Sfogli of
CREATION'S END (guitar). There are a bunch of guest musicians that were brought in to
round out the bands sound which include Virgil Donati of
PLANET X (drums), Marco
Minnemann of
KREATOR (drums) & Derek Sherinian of DREAM THEATER, who also
produced the album. Nathan has assembled some of the best in the business and come out
with one of the best Progressive Instrumental albums I have heard in a long time. The
music takes you through a journey of intricate musical passages that leave you wanting
more. The creativity, craftsmanship and musical talent is absolutely amazing. If you
consider yourself not a fan of Progressive Instrumental, then you need to listen to
"SYNECRON" and you will find yourself listening to it over and over and finding
something new each time. Simply amazing!