"EVOLVING TOWARDS EXTINCTION" is the third release from Swiss Death Metal
NEAR DEATH CONDITION. These guys play some brutal as hell technical Death
Metal music. They have a more aggressive and modern technical sound with some old
school traditional Death Metal mixed in. There are some hypnotic double bass drum beats
that are by far some of the best in the Death Metal scene. The guitars have some really
gritty riffs mixed with some churning clean shredding. At times it reminded me of a Death
Metal version of early
SLAYER. The vocals that Patrick & Stephane spew forth are done
in a mid ranged thick Death Metal growl style. The part I liked the most about the band
was that they added in some dark and brooding atmospheric parts to help them stand out
a bit. These guys are the real deal and anyone who wants to hear true Death Metal at it's
finest need look no further.
NEAR DEATH CONDITION have out done themselves
once again with this newest release. If you think you can handle these guys than you must
pick up this release as well as their previous two. Some of the best Death Metal mayhem
I have ever heard!!!