NEGATIVA hails from Canada and plays a very aggressive and harsh styles of Death Metal
NEGATIVA was formed by members of the great GORGUTS after they broke up.
The music that
NEGATIVA creates is almost a continuation of what GORGUTS did. In
2008 Luc Lemay left
NEGATIVA and reformed GORGUTS. Steeve Hurdle, who was also
GORGUTS and wrote the majority of the legendary "OBSCURA" sadly passed away
last year from post surgical complications. This "SELF TITLED" EP, which was originally
released in 2006 is finally back in print. The music here is crushing Death Metal music, but
has a lot experimental parts to it. There is almost a dark slow Doom Metal feel at times too.
The vocals are done in a lower ended Death growl mixed with some gurgles as well. It's
hard to find something as good as
GORGUTS, but at least this is close and it does feature
some members of the band. Fans of
GORGUTS will dig this, but there is a lot more
experimental stuff in it that may turn some fans away. I dig this a lot and love when bands
take Death Metal out of it common, safe & normal place.