NEPENTE is a Columbian Death / Black Metal band that started back in 2002.
"SUFFERING IS THE SEED" is the bands second full length release to date and a massive
one at that. The band mostly plants their sound in Death Metal music, but it is injected with
much Black Metal influences. The music is heavy, hard hitting Death Metal done in an old
school style. It's fast paced, aggressive and spastic blasting Death Metal that has a strong
90's European feel. The Black Metal influences come into play mostly in the guitar work.
It's loud noisy and sometimes static Black Metal guitars. They are cold and harsh at times
too. At times, especially in the faster more aggressive and powerful parts they almost have a
bit of a Grindcore sound. The vocals done by Jose Fernando Ospina blend the two styles
together nicely. There are mid ranged thick Death Metal growl mixed with harsh higher
pitched Black Metal growls and screams. This is a must for fans of old school Black Metal
& old school Death Metal. They help keep the tradition of great South American Metal
bands alive with their spastic style and sound. A must for fans of the 90's European Black /
Death Metal scene with the modern South American Grindcore scene. Check this out, turn it
up and piss off the neighbors!!!