NERVOCHAOS was form back in 1996 out of Brazil with the intent to create some
aggressive & shredding music that breaks down the barriers of some of todays most
extreme music. I have been a fan of them for years and have heard a lot of their music
through the years as well. I would have to say they have succeeded in their quest. "TO THE
DEATH" is the bands newest offering and can be added to the legacy of this amazing band.
These guys plant themselves firmly in the Death Metal genre, but they add in many
elements of Thrash Metal and Hardcore as well. The bands old school style is where the
Death Metal is most prominent. They have a solid mid 90's almost American Death Metal
style. Then they add in lots of Thrash Metal into the mix. This mostly comes out in the
guitar work of Quinho & Guiller. The guitar arrangements are very crisp, tight, shredding
classic Thrash Metal in the vein of
Hardcore comes into play in some of the way the songs are laid out. They have that
stomping, in your face Hardcore groove that makes you just want to get up, start slamming
and singing along. The way vocalist Guiller delivers his vocals is done in a mid ranged
Death / Thrash growl style that is a bit harsh and throaty. The vocals are understandable at
the same time. These guys have proven themselves time and again with each new release
and this time is no different. If you were a fan before, your gonna continue to love this band,
but if you never heard these guys before, first, what's wrong with you and second, get this
album now!!! Amazing all the way through!!!