NEUROTIC NOVEMBER emerged on the Miami, Florida scene back in 2009. These
guys & girls play a different style of Deathcore music. They have a very thick and hard
hitting Deathcore style, but add in some other elements to help them stand out. One of the
major elements is female bassist Bear. Her sound is very thick and grooving and heavy as
hell. It reminded me of a Death Metal version of
together. There spastic and crazy ass vocal styling is another reason they stand out a lot.
There are some low ended Death Metal growls, mid ranged groggy screaming Hardcore
vocals as well as some Nu Metal Rap like vocals at times. I know this band has been
tearing up the Florida scene for a few years now and now that I am living here in Florida I
sure hope to get to see them live. There is a really weird space or alien like sound to their
music. It has almost a fantasy Death Metal vibe along with some old school Death gore
styles. I am having a little more hope in the Death Metal genre everyday when I discover
new bands like
NEUROTIC NOVEMBER who are taking this genre in a new directions
and breathing new life into a scene that has become over saturated through out the years
with more and more clone bands. I love this genre and it's bands like
that keep reminding me why. Another killer band doing something original
and very creative and different with the Death Metal genre. I love that thick thumping bass
sound so much! I'm sure we will be seeing a hell of a lot from this band in the near future
if they keep creating amazing releases like "ANUNNAKI"