Self Released

NEXHYMN hails from my (new) home state of Colorado and was born from the ashes of
the band
THROCULT. NEXHYMN is a female fronted Death Metal band. They play old
school Death Metal with tinges of Modern Death Metal blended in. The faster more
aggressive parts is where the more brutal old school Death Metal parts come into play.
The Modern Death Metal influences are present in the song arrangements. They have a
technical Death Metal vibe at times too. When you think of female fronted bands you
don't think your gonna get this. The vocals are very thick mid ranged Death growls. Holly
Wedel's vocals reminded me of a the first female front Death Metal band I ever heard
before. It was by a band called
BUTCHERY out of New York & April Taylor was the
singer. I saw them at the New Jersey Metal Meltdown Fest.
THROCULT was a killer
Metal band, but I am really loving
NEXHYMN much better. They are currently searching
for a label to sign them and I'm sure once this release gets circulated a little more,
someone will snag them up! They deserve to be heard and supported.
probably be one of the next big Death Metal acts to emerge from Colorado!!!