Formed in 2012 out of Portland, Oregon comes the darkened Black / Death Metal band
NIGHTFELL. They play a more mid paced and old school style of these genres. The
music reminded me of stuff I was getting back in my demo trading days coming out of
Europe. The music has a dark and cold feel to it that even feels a little Industrial at times.
The vibe at times gets a little slower and has more Funeral Metal or Sludge Metal feel.
The guitars have a tinge almost noise vibration feel to them. The drums at times sound
like they could be programed, but I don't believe they are. This is probably why I felt
that Industrial feel in the music. The vocals are done in a more mid ranged Black Metal
style that is some what a slow talking Death growl sound. This is not the typical Black /
Death Metal band, but I could see them pulling in a lot of fans from this release. The
band consists of Tim Call doing vocals & drums, while Todd Burdette does vocals,
guitars & bass.

                                                                                                - Reviewed by Burt Wolf