Classic '70's styled Heavy Metal at it's finest! That's what NIGROMANTE is. These guys
have been around since 2003 and hail from Madrid Spain, but they sound like they came out
England in the late '70's. They have that gritty blue collar working class bar band sound that
comes from England. There is a strong Heavy Metal foundation for the bands sound, but
they do add in some gritty Doom Metal as well as some slight Thrash Metal sounds along
with lots of Hard Rock. There is a killer groove that runs through a lot of their songs. I
could just see these guys playing in some dirty biker bar in the middle of nowhere in some
small town in England in the '70's. I kept getting the vibe of
MOTORHEAD meets AC/DC. There is a really thick guitar sound that really reminded me
MOTORHEAD a lot then they get a little Thrash like and this is where I was hearing
ANVIL coming into play. Add in some dark tinges of Black Metal and you can hear
VENOM influences coming out of their sound as well. The vocals are a combination of
Lemmy from
MOTORHEAD mixed with Beefcake The Mighty, the bass player from
GWAR when he sings on some songs. I really dig these guys a lot and they are play a very
cool style that has had some kind of impact on every style of Metal that is being played
today. They may have not come out in the '70's, but they sure as hell captured that British
Metal sound really well. A great surprise and amazingly cool style. All Metalheads will find
something they can love about these guys. Check out
NEGROMANTE for one killer band
and probably the best Metal band to come out of Spain in a long time!