NO RAZA is a well established Colombian Death Metal band. The fierce four piece vets
have been around since 1997 after two decades later they still make killer music. With
lyrical themes including Anti-racism, social, discrimination, and violence which makes
the band relevant after all these years . They make music about strong issues that still
plagues the world today. This incredibly talented bands main themes show the politically
motivated view's specifically, equal rights and justice. If you believe in all men are created
equal, then this band is for you. They formed back in 1997 but didn't release their debut
album until 2004, and believe me the music was worth the wait! Bits of the band's music
will be found in a bunch of compilations including the Extreme Colombia Metal Sampler,
and From The Shadows Volume 1 (just to name a few) At the same time, they released a
live album then a video for a track off the 2012 disc. In September of 2015 "WHEN
CHAOS REIGNS" was the latest and greatest release to date. This independent release of
eight crushing tracks recorded in their home country Colombia South America but mixed
by an American Chris Zeuss. This album blew me away with their brand of Death Metal
which hits a cord with traditional Death Metal fans. The demonic growls of the guttural
vocals, the really heavy riffs of guitar  complements the slightest Thrash hooks that will
blast your eardrums out of your head. With lightning fast double bass and technically
sound skills of the drumming that will leave you speechless. In the veins of

                                                                                         - Reviewed by Kevin Cressman