NOISEM is a young Thrash / Death Metal band out of Baltimore, Maryland. These guys
started out under the name
NECROPSY back in 2008. In 2013, right before this album
was released they decided to change their name to
NOISEM. The band plays a very raw
and intense style of Thrash Metal music that is infused with lots of Death Metal music.
They also at times sound like they have a lot of Grindcore and Crustcore thrown into their
sound as well. The base foundation of the bands sound is Thrash Metal, which dominates a
lot of the band sound. They then go form there by adding in a lot of thicker and faster
lower ended Death Metal. In the really chaotic and spastic parts is where I hear some
touches of Grindcore coming into play. The reason for some of the Crustcore elements is
more or less in the noisy and sometimes rawness of the guitar work. It reminds me of a lot
of the Crustcore bands from the '80's. The vocals are done in a mid ranged throaty Thrash
Metal scream style, that some times goes into a thicker more Death Metal growl style.
These guys may only have one album under their belts so far, but they are gonna become
big names in the underground scene once this album gets around. This is an absolute must
for fans of old