"THE CLEANSING" is the newest release from Sweden's Death Metal legends
NOMINON. NOMINON first formed back in 1993 and has unleashed their blasphemous
chaos unto the masses ever since. They have put out many, many releases over the years,
but this is only the bands fifth full length release. These guys play old school raw, dirty and
aggressive Swedish Death Metal music. The is lots of fast paced spastic parts through out
their music. The band is mostly based in Death Metal, but they have many influences of
Black / Thrash / Doom Metal all present in their sound. The Thrash Metal comes strongly
into play in the fast crunchy riffing guitars, while at times they will go into a slower creep
and the dirty vibe of their music is where you can hear a lot of the Doom influences. The
dark and sometimes atmospheric parts is where the old school Black Metal elements come
to the for front. If there was ever a band that engulfs elements perfectly from different
genre's of extreme Metal, then
NOMINON is it. This maybe one of the reasons these guys
have last just about 20 years and are one of the best underground Death Metal bands ever!
If you have not heard these guys, you must, because you don't know what your missing.
One of my all time favorite underground bands & with each new album they continue to be.
NOMINON at their best! Get this album!