Self Released

NONSUN is a Doom / Drone / Sludge Metal band hailing from Liviv, Ukraine and was
formed in 2011. The band consists of Goatooth playing guitar, bass & vocals and Alpha
playing drums. There seems to be a big wave of Drone bands coming out within the last 5
years or so. I have been to a few shows and seen a bunch of bands playing this style. I don't
know if it's seeing them live or what, but I would say that
NONSUN is one of the better
bands out there doing this style. The music is very cold, slow and drawn out all the way
through. I'm not a huge fan of this style, but I liked these guys a lot. They had a bit of a
trippy and different sound then most of the stuff I've heard. These is some heavy as Hell
stuff that is slow, slow, slow. It's as if you took
and melted them with
SLEEP & EYEHATEGOD and put everything on a slower speed &
smoked a ton of weed. These guys may not be for everybody, but fans of this style are
gonna love these guys! Doom / Drone / Sludge Metal fans must have this in their collection!