This split release is from two of the heaviest Sludge / Doom Metal bands in the scene
today. The first three tracks come from California's
NOOTHGRUSH. The bands name
comes from a Dr. Seuss book "There's A Whocket In My Pocket". These guys formed
back in 1994 and play a crushing Sludge / Doom Metal style of music. Their sound is bit
heavier than most Doom Metal bands. This could be because of some Death Metal
influences that are present through out their songs. They do have a very thick and dragging
sound which is where the majority of the Sludge influences come into play. The vocals are
done in a harsh screaming / growling Doom style with some Death Metal elements present.
These guys are definitely one of the better bands of their genre & one of the reasons they
have lasted as long as they have. The last two tracks come from Japan's very own
COFFINS. These guys also play a very thick and raw style of Doom / Sludge Metal.
They also add in a lot of touches of Death Metal to their sound. Their Death Metal
influences are a little more prominent and present through out the songs. There is an
almost old school raw Punk Rock D.I.Y. feel to their music at times. This comes in the
form of their song structures and arrangements as well as in the production. The vocals are
done in a slow Death Metal growl style with some harsher ones mixed in. I really dig these
guys a lot & I am a big fan, so any time I get something from them I am very happy. This
is one of the best split releases this past year from two crushing & killer bands!