Self Released

NORSE has carved it's place in the Australian Metal scene and now are ready to spread
their disease across the globe. "ALL IS MIST AND FOG" is the bands third release to
date. NORSE plays an extreme style of Black Metal music that takes us back to the early
days of the Black Metal scene. They have a very strong late '80's and early '90's European
Black Metal sound. They reminded me a lot of the bands that were coming out at that time
in Italy and Greece. Their music is very raw and not in anyway polished like a lot of the
Black Metal bands coming out today. The music is really dark and dingy and has a bit of
the occult and war like feel to it. I like the slower more dreary and drone like parts that
they mixed in helping break up some of the faster blasts and noisy guitars. The vocals are
done in a mid ranged groggy Black Metal growl style with the occasional higher pitched
Black Metal screaming growls thrown in. These guys remind me of all the bands that were
very hard to discover and were kind of the dirty little secrets that only true Black Metal
fans could find. The only way you were finding them was actually writing a hand written
letter and either tape trading with them or sending your hard earned cash for a cassette  
release of their albums, or if you were actually lucky enough to live in one of these
countries when these bands were starting to emerge and you were lucky enough to see
them live. These guys are a killer old school, early European Black Metal band. They really
make me miss the early days of when I first got into the underground music scene! Evil,
sick Black Metal done right in every way without sounding like a throwback band! Horns