Self Released

NORSELAW from Cleveland, Ohio is back with their latest release "KINGSLAYER".
This band plays a very aggressive and heavy style of Traditional Metal music. They pull
influences from classic American Heavy Metal, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal,
Power Metal, Progressive Metal and Thrash Metal and mesh them all together to create
their unique sound. There are times when one style dominates over another, but for the
most part they are mixed through out the tracks. I have reviewed a few of their releases in
the past and will have to say this is by far my favorite of them all. This is partly because
they have gotten a bit heavier on this album than in the past, but also because the song
writing and musicianship has gotten so much better and is highly impressive. The guitar
work has a strong British Metal invasion style mixed with some classic Speed Metal and
touches of Prog Rock / Metal elements. The guitars were actually my favorite part of the
band, and I'm not usually a guitar person. The thick and dominate drum sound really stood
out for me and help give the bands sound a driving force. The vocals are also done in a
mixture of the above styles with some lower Traditional Metal vocals, some high pitched
Power Metal like vocals along with some rougher vocals mixed in. I am really digging the
faster more aggressive sound that is on "KINGSLAYER" than has been on past albums.
This was one very impressive album from start to end. If you were to mix the best parts
maybe some
CELTIC FROST together you'd get a good idea of what NORSELAW has
to offer! I love the direction these guys are going in and hope they continue to do so in the