Self Released

NORSELAW is a very unique and different Metal band. I am new to these guys, even
though they do have another release out entitled "SERPENT IN THE CIRCLING SEA" I
really couldn't dig up much information on them, but after one listen can tell you that they
are a killer Metal band. They add in lots of different flavoring to their Metal sound to make
them not really be put in one genre. This is why I keep saying they are a Metal band. They
have a very strong Traditional Heavy Metal sound, with lots of Power & Progressive Metal
elements present all through out. This mostly comes in some of the song structures and the
vocals. The guitars on the other hand have a strong Thrash / Speed Metal sound, but some
of the guitar arrangements tend to give it that Progressive Metal sound. I felt the guitars
were the real driving force behind the bands over all sound. The drums are done in a way
that they crossover between Death Metal & / Thrash Metal, where they are fast, pounding
and almost on the verge of wanting to go into blast beats. These guys are very unique and
have a bit of a Viking overtone to a lot of their songs as well. I think these guys would have
been huge in the '80's Metal scene. It's like if
gotten together to create a Metal super group!